Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away! I have a suit to buy today...

My girlfriend convinced me to start a blog, due to the fact that I always have an opinion about men's fashion. I don't think men need an excuse to dress well. Why do the bare minimum when it doesn't take much more effort to look like a gentleman?

I am currently looking for a new navy blue suit for work, as I have some conferences and business trips coming up where one would be useful. Here's what I wore to Soho to find one:

It was raining out today, so my Bean Boots came in quite handy.

And, knowing I would be trying on suits, I decided to wear a dress shirt and a bow tie.

And my Raymond Weil watch that I bought while on business in Geneva last year. I changed the band from black to brown this fall to better fit my fall/winter wardrobe.

I felt like a country gentleman, but the weather seemed to require it. All I needed to do was switch my coat to a Barbour and get my shotgun and I'd be ready for a pheasant hunt. Or a Ralph Lauren ad.


While I would love to buy a Paul Smith or Prada suit, my budget isn't quite there yet. I tried Topshop, Bloomingdales and the Jil Sander collection at Uniqlo. No luck.

But we will try again next weekend...

My Outfit:
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Sweater, bow tie, coat: JCrew
Pants: Gap 
Boots: LLBean
Scarf: Burberry
Watch: Raymond Weil


  1. David and I know you made this blog so that we can have more Phil in our lives. I appreciate it.. and will stalk you. A lot.



  2. This is great. It's like I can hear the words coming out of your mouth.